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Meet the Wise Family of Filosophi

Bill & Ann Barlas

Bill and Ann are synonymous with good food and incredible hospitality. Filosophi’s original wise guy, Bill is the kind of owner that knows his customers by name. A guy known in every corner of Saskatoon for his generosity, enthusiasm, and quality food. Ever since he crossed the pond from Greece to Canada, he has been forging new paths. Leaving behind ancient ruins and bringing time-honoured traditions, Bill has become a cuisine icon in Saskatoon. He and Ann have been together every step of the way.

A people person to her core, Ann is a hospitality expert — that’s why when you’re dining at Filosophi, you’ll feel like you’re a dinner guest. An avid volunteer and loving mother, Ann knows the importance of community.

When you come sit in our restaurant, this is the crew you will get to know. Our leadership isn’t tucked away behind closed doors or sitting in a boardroom. We’ll be at your table asking about the food, shaking your hand (after covid!), and sharing stories. Most other restaurants aren’t like that, and we aren’t like most other restaurants. We do everything with meraki to create a culinary experience you’ll never forget.