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Filosophi, Better than Good

A collection of culinary experiences, delivering authentic food made by genuine people with meraki in mind

Our humble feasts are inspired by fresh ingredients. A contemporary experience with cool vibes, Filosophi delivers authentic food with a west coast vibe. Balancing the old with the new, time-honoured recipes with prairie fresh ingredients, the comforts of home with the vibe of the west coast. Filosophi is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

What, How, Why

The Filosophi Restaurant is a collection of culinary experiences, delivering authentic food made by genuine people with meraki in mind. Meraki, the love and enjoyment one has for what they do, and by extension, the great result their work produces. Inspired by the West Coast, Filosophi restaurant draws inspiration from the diversity of fresh ingredients and the tradition of humble family feasts to create an unforgettable wise cuisine experience. Pull up a chair and be part of the Wise Family.

More on Meraki

Meraki is a word that cannot be translated. It’s meaning is too deep to find a single word English parallel. Meraki means doing something with soul, creativity, and love. When you put something of yourself into what you are doing, the food you are making. All that we do at Filosophi is done with meraki. You will find us in the food, the people, and the experience. You will find meraki in the best food in Saskatoon, and you’ll love dining with us.

The people behind the meraki

We couldn’t build a culinary experience like Filosophi alone, and we couldn’t build this place with just anyone. Decades of experience and family heritage is steeped into everything that we do. Filosophi restaurant is our family’s heart, and we want to share the beat with you. Meet the people behind the experience.

We Believe

We believe in crafting the best culinary experience and creating an atmosphere people love, where good conversations thrive. Everything we do, we do it with meraki, with every part of us. It’s this dedication that keeps us connected to our community, and this same value that propels our vision forward. What we do, we do with passion. Welcome to the Wise Family.